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About What We Do & Who We Are

The simpleton (a.k.a., simp) in us all is as inept as they come with crowd-pleasing and currying the favor of women.

Simps can’t figure out the inner workings of a woman because they overlook the ‘dos and don’ts of dating’ through unfortunate means.

They are obviously clueless trying to kiss a woman before she’s ready, concealing their true intentions (i.e., pushing her for sex too early) in a new relationship, and always apologizing for poking a woman in the leg.

Lady simps tend to return the favor by descending into the rabbit hole: frustrate a guy by flaking, show low sense of humor or stiffness indicative of being bad in bed, and kneel in their proposal for marriage as that is always the kiss of death for a woman.

This creates the problem thereby no studies nor relationship “experts” can instill in simps the emotional intimacy and trust they can build past these behavioral barriers.

Yet, we aspire to alleviate this negative connotation of a simp so to forge meaningful connections and boost in partner satisfaction on the app.

What makes us different from the rest is a knack of the unified machine learning (ML) platform with sophisticated training features and custom AI predictive models.

We use these models to predict the right chemistry based on quality time spent, much less yield a natural liking for music, adventure, fun, and honesty as the bedrock of a good relationship.

Over the course of this unique new experience, users will forge meaningful connections in unexpected ways — not necessarily through sex although good — but suffice to say, kissing, hand-holding, cuddling, caressing, tickling, teasing, etc.

Backflips, thumb-wrestling, and watching Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Notorious” are almost too numerous to list, let alone make reservations for exquisite, polished venues for bars and restaurants with indoor/outdoor dining, wine tasting, steam rooms, or saunas and treatment reservations, etc.

Adopt new ways to spark joy in your life while getting rid of the old relationship patterns and nonnegotiables because chivalry is here to stay…

Figuratively speaking, of course.

Let’s make it Lessimp, not more!!!

  • Either you are a 'simp' like simpleton or lessimp for something meaningful!

    Wilkenson Francois

    President & Founder of Lessimp Company

Investor Relations & Features for you

Our popular choice for initial capital raise is Carta's (formerly eShares) Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

We couldn't agree more with Carta's partners that "SAFE makes investing simpler and shorter relative to a preferred stock financing (e.g. Series Seed or Series A), accelerating the process from initial terms to close."

Through CartaX, there is transparency in tracking entirely the SAFE documents sent to investors for signature.

In essence, Carta helps make managing cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans easier for companies and investors.


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